Vatic Pro V7 Review: V7 vs. Flash

Vatic Pro V7


The Vatic Pro V7 and Vatic Flash paddles, they cater to different playing styles and preferences in the pickleball community. If you're a player who likes powerful, heavy ground strokes and wants a more rectangular design, the Pro V7 with its sleek look and good price-to-performance ratio could be your pick. But if you like powerful play with quick hands at the kitchen and a more curved top design, maybe go for the Vatic Flash. Both paddles cost the same and offer great value, it comes down to which one you would prefer.


  • Good value
  • Sleek design
  • Suitable for players who want power


  • Cosmetic Blemishes
  • Some players have questioned its durability and found issues with the feel of the paddle

Today we’ll be analyzing the Vatic Flash paddle versus the Pro V7 paddle in precise detail. They both are priced the same, and yet they look the same apart from the curved top side of the Flash’s. Let’s see how they compare in the game play.

Material and Construction

Vatic Pro V7 Paddle 2

Core Material

The Vatic Flash and v7 paddles’ core material is engineered for maximum responsiveness. These choices mirror players’ demands aiming for a gameplay advantage. The v7’s core suits heavy ground strokes aligning with its play style, while the Flash’s core enables swift kitchen responses.

Surface Material

Both these paddles’ surface material is crafted focusing on power and control. The v7’s surface optimized for powerful ground strokes has been a personal favorite watching fellow players at local matches. The Flash emphasizes speed with a surface material designed to suit those excelling at quick hand movements at the kitchen.

Weight and Dimensions

The Vatic Flash and v7 paddles’ weight and dimensions bring an interesting contrast into play. Both paddles feature an elongated shape serving different purposes. The v7 with a swing weight of 119g caters to those preferring powerful heavy ground strokes. The Flash slightly lighter at 115g suits players with fast hands at the kitchen.

Interestingly these two paddles tailored for different playing styles share similar dimensions. The Vatic Flash’s design offers an alternative purpose with its unique balance and weight distribution which I find intriguing as a dedicated pickleball community member.

In summary, the Vatic Flash and v7 paddles provide distinct playing experiences despite certain similarities. Their core and surface materials to their weight and dimensions reflect different playing styles’ needs in their design choices. As a content writer committed to sharing insights with fellow players I find these contrasts enlightening offering valuable guidance for those looking to invest in equipment aligning with their play style.

Performance Analysis


The Vatic Flash and v7 paddles, they’re built for power. But they use it differently. The v7, it’s made for heavy ground strokes. The core and surface materials, they create a strong force behind each swing. It’s good for players who like strong strikes to control the game. The Flash, it’s for players with quick hands at the kitchen, giving powerful returns without losing speed.

Being part of the pickleball community, I see how these design choices fit different ways of playing. The power dynamics of these paddles, they connect with players wanting to make their mark on the court.


Vatic Pro V7 Paddle 5

Control, it’s important in pickleball. Both the Vatic Flash and v7, they’re made to give players a balance between power and precision. The v7’s heavier swing weight, it gives more control for ground strokes. The Flash’s design, it allows for detailed moves at the kitchen. Watching local matches, I’ve seen how these paddles let players place the ball accurately. It shows a real understanding of what players need.


Spin, it’s a key skill in pickleball. Both these paddles have features that help with this. The v7’s surface material and elongated shape, they give a good base for players to create spin on heavy ground strokes. The Flash, with its balance and weight distribution, lets players add spin to quick returns at the kitchen.

Talking with experienced pros, I’ve learned to value the thought behind these design choices. The differences in spin capabilities between these two paddles aren’t just technical details. They’re about strategic play.


Vatic Pro V7 Paddle 4

Durability seems to be a mixed bag with cosmetic issues arising from some users. While the construction boasts resistance to deformation and fatigue, there have been concerns about markings and blemishes on new paddles.

Design and Aesthetics

The Vatic Flash and the Pro V7, they’ve got a sleek design. A 360-degree wrapped heat-pressed carbon fiber construction gives them a unique, good-looking style. They’re modern, elegant, but their shapes work for different ways of playing.

The Vatic Flash has a more curved top, good for players who want power and speed at the kitchen. The v7 is more rectangular, better for heavy ground strokes.

But it’s worth saying that the v7 sometimes has cosmetic blemishes that can affect first impressions(as noted above). Apart from that small flaw, both paddles show a mix of looks and performance in their design details.

As someone who knows pickleball gear and the community, I like how the design works with different play styles, combining looks with function.

Price and Value

At $140 a pop, both the Vatic Flash and the Pro V7 are a good deal. They compete well with other performance paddles in the $200+ range, their value is not something to ignore.

The Flash, it’s about agility and control. The v7, it’s about power. The price matches the quality and design they bring. This equal pricing shows the maker’s commitment to giving options without losing quality.

From my experience reviewing pickleball gear, I see this pricing as a thought-out effort to meet the community’s different needs. Both the Vatic Flash and v7 balance price and value well, recognizing different playing styles and strategies while offering a good price.

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