Joola Perseus Review: Looking at CFS14 and CFS16 Paddles

JOOLA Perseus


At $250, both the 16mm and 14mm versions of this paddle cater to different needs. The 16mm, it offers control-focused attributes and a lighter swing weight. It's a good investment for those looking for these qualities, setting a new standard for control-oriented paddles with offensive options. The 14mm, it's fun for advanced players looking for a strong-hitting experience with a unique feel. But, its smaller sweet spot might be a challenge. If power, forgiveness, or an easier experience is what you're after, other $250 thermoformed paddle options like the Vatic Pro V7 might be better than the Perseus 14mm.


  • Unique design
  • Control oriented
  • Pleasant feel
  • Premium Brand


  • Pricey at $250
  • Smaller sweet spot
  • Less forgiving than competitors

Pickleball’s popularity has surged, and with it, a flood of pickleball paddles hit the market. The right paddle can boost your game, improve your court performance. One paddle that’s been making noise is the JOOLA Perseus Pickleball Paddle. It comes in two types: the Perseus CFS14 and the Perseus CFS16. Built with input from World #1 pickleball player, Ben Johns, these paddles have top-notch technology and design. In this review, we’ll break down both paddles, look at their good and bad to help you choose wisely.

Brand Overview: JOOLA

Joola Perseus 2

JOOLA is a big name in table tennis, known for top-level gear. They’ve now moved into the growing pickleball field, making paddles that use advanced technology and high-quality materials. JOOLA’s work with top players makes sure their products meet the tough demands of competitive play.

General Overview of Perseus Pickleball Paddle

JOOLA’s venture into the pickleball sector is represented by the Perseus series. This includes the Perseus CFS14 as well as the CFS16 variant. Both models produce identical spin dynamics at the same price range but contrast in thickness features as well as functionality.

  • Perseus CFS14: This variation comes with a core thickness of 14mm. It renders an adequate mix of strength along with controlled handling. This version might be fitting for people seeking an all-around paddle.
  • Perseus CFS16: Contrary to the CFS14 model which balances power with control; the 16mm variant subtlety forgoes a certain level of strength to prioritize control which makes it perfect for players aiming for precision along with finesse in their gameplay.

Design And Aesthetics

Joola Perseus 3

The Perseus series incorporates an attractive visual design combined with its contemporary vibe. The integration of Charged Carbon Surface technology not only bolsters playing performance but also adds a distinctive flair to its aesthetic appeal. Although it looks great visually this design isn’t meant merely for aesthetics – each attribute has been meticulously fashioned towards promoting better functionality.

Comparison of the Both Paddles (14mm vs 16mm)

Perseus 16mm: Excellence in Control


The Perseus 16mm is a different kind of thermoformed paddle. Soft but lively, it stands out from other thermoformed options. It gives you more in offensive versatility and proven control performance. If you’re into control, this is your pick.


The Perseus 16mm may be the softest thermoformed paddle I’ve played with, but it still adds power to your game. Its unique build gives you more offense, even if it doesn’t hit as hard as some other thermoformed options.


The Perseus 16mm is all about control but doesn’t leave out spin. Players can use its improved spinning abilities. This makes it versatile, ready for different game situations.

More Features

  • Weight and Maneuverability: JOOLA made the Perseus paddle feather-light for top maneuverability, speed, and response. It’s the lightest thermoformed paddle I’ve used, focusing on the latest technology.
  • Balance Customization: The paddle’s lightweight design lets you adjust its balance and weight with lead tape without overloading it.
  • Sweet Spot: Unlike others, this paddle has an average-sized sweet spot instead of an oversized one. It might not suit everyone but didn’t hinder my gameplay.

Perseus 14mm: A Focus on Power


The Perseus line’s 14mm variant, it plays like the 16mm but feels denser, hits harder. It carries through the ball, adds a bit more to your drives and puts-away balls. It’s a paddle that leans towards power, sits between an all-court paddle and a power paddle.


Even though it feels softer, the 14mm has a tighter sweet spot. That might get in the way of gameplay for those who need precise center contact when defending or speeding up.


Like its 16mm sibling, the Perseus 14mm doesn’t skimp on spin. Its unique properties still allow for effective ball rotations and adaptability in different play scenarios.

Professional Preference

Some JOOLA’s professional players prefer the 14mm for its extra power. But for the everyday player, other options like Vatic Pro or CRBN’s 16mm thermoformed paddles might provide a more forgiving and comfortable experience.

Looking at both the Perseus 16mm and 14mm paddles, it’s clear that they offer different playing experiences for different needs. The 16mm excels in control and versatility, while the 14mm brings more power to the court. As always, personal preferences and playing styles will guide the best choice for each individual player.

Material and Durability

Joola Perseus 5

For pickleball lovers like us, the material of the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle has caught our eye. Its full carbon casing is a nod to innovation, giving that strength and stability that aggressive players look for. The charged carbon surface technology, it’s something that seasoned players connect with, giving a crisp feel and the energetic response we want on the court.

But, as someone who listens to the community, I have to say not all feedback is positive. Some players have worries about the “sandpaper-like” texture wearing off. This feature, which at first adds to its great spin, seems to lose its effectiveness within a week for some. Others have talked about getting a used or damaged product. It’s disappointing, especially when the paddle’s design speaks of quality. These bad experiences suggest possible inconsistencies in manufacturing or shipping, something that needs looking into. As part of the pickleball family, we can only hope that the manufacturer takes these worries seriously.

Comfort and Grip

Joola Perseus 6

Let’s talk comfort and grip, things that make the JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle a favorite for many. The Feel-Tec Pure Grip, it’s been praised by players, with a handle that stays firm even in heated rallies. As a player who likes to feel the game, I like its sweat-absorbing feature. It makes playing more enjoyable.

But as a writer who wants to give you good, honest insights, I’ve heard some feedback that needs to be shared. A few players have had issues with the grip, saying it’s smaller than older models. Some have even added overgrips to make it fit right. And there are those who say the paddle feels top-heavy, which can affect control. It shows that in pickleball, personal preferences and how you play matter. So, trying out the paddle yourself might be the best way to see if it fits your unique needs and expectations.


The Perseus range undeniably comes loaded with numerous perks but its hefty price tag may dissuade some players. It’s a high-end product designed for ardent fans craving a pro-level gaming experience.

The JOOLA Perseus Pickleball Paddles aim to deliver a distinct competitive advantage along with premium quality. They bring unique attributes to the table but with certain compromises. The CFS16 stands out for its precision control while power-oriented players may favor the CFS14. The cost may be considerable but for those ready to splurge for better game performance these paddles could be a potential game twister.

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