Gearbox GBX Paddle Review (2023)

Gearbox GBX Paddle


The Gearbox GBX Paddle is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a game-changer. With its blend of spin, power, and durability, it has quickly become a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike. From customer service to post-sale support, Gearbox goes the extra mile. The numerous positive user reviews echo my sentiments, and I can confidently recommend the GBX Paddle to anyone looking to enhance their pickleball experience.


  • Enhanced by Hyper Spin and Power1 Technology
  • R3 Technology ensures a long-lasting structure
  • Adaptable to different play styles and skill levels


  • May be too expensive for some players
  • Few options for personal customization

The pickleball world, it’s never standing still, always finding new ways. Now comes Gearbox’s GBX Paddle. I’ve hit with it, spent my time with it, and now I’m here to tell you about it. Pro or just getting started, this one’s for you.

Gearbox GBX Paddle Review: Overview

Spin. Power. Lasting. That’s what Gearbox says about the GBX Paddle. With the Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber skin and the PPE honeycomb heart, there’s plenty to think on. Let’s get into the real stuff!

Design and Aesthetics

Gearbox Gbx Paddle 9

The GBX Paddle, it’s got a strong look. Long and sleek, all in black. Weighing 8.5oz, it’s balanced just right. And the way it’s made, you can see the care in it. If you want something that looks good and plays well, this paddle might be a good choice.

Material and Construction

Core Material

Gearbox Gbx Paddle 3

The core of the GBX Paddle, it’s made of Polypropylene (PPE) Honeycomb, 7mm cells. It’s at the heart of the paddle, and here’s what it does:

  • Sturdiness and Flexibility: Strong and flexible, that’s the PPE Honeycomb core. Keeps its shape when you hit hard, but bends a little too. It’s this mix that lets you hit with power, keep control.
  • Lightweight: The PPE Honeycomb core, it’s not heavy, even though it’s strong. With 16mm thickness, it still feels light, makes the paddle move easy.
  • Vibration Absorption: One thing I felt was how the core took the shake out of the hit. Easier on the wrists and hands, it matters in a long game.
  • Impact Distribution: The honeycomb, it spreads the hit out over the paddle. Makes the sweet spot better, makes the paddle last longer.

The PPE Honeycomb core, it’s smart engineering by Gearbox. Performance and comfort, together in one place.

Surface Material

Gearbox Gbx Paddle 12

The GBX Paddle’s surface material is something else. Made with Toray T-700 Unidirectional Carbon Fiber, it stands out for a few reasons:

  • Spin Texture: Gearbox uses laser engraving to make a textured surface that grips the ball good. It gives you control over the spin. I found this feature added a new layer to my game.
  • Strength and Lasting: The use of Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber doesn’t just look good, it makes the paddle strong. The 8-Ply Construction means the paddle can take a beating without losing its shape or how it works.
  • Feel: Along with the core material, the surface gives a responsive feel to the ball. A gentle dink or a powerful smash, the paddle’s surface material lets you make all kinds of shots, for different playing styles.
  • Construction: Gearbox’s unique way of pressing the Toray T-700 carbon fiber and resins with high pressure and heat makes a paddle that’s not just nice to look at but works well too.

The surface material in the GBX Paddle shows Gearbox’s dedication to new ideas and performance. It works with the core material, making a paddle that feels as good as it looks.



Gearbox Gbx Paddle 11

Control, that’s where the Gearbox GBX Paddle stands out. Here’s why:

  • Core Response: The Polypropylene Honeycomb core, it doesn’t just give strength; it gives a controlled response to the ball. This means whether you’re up at the net or playing defense from the baseline, the paddle’s touch, it gives precision.
  • Surface Feel: The Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber surface, it’s not just for spins; it gives control over where the ball goes. Whether you’re doing a soft drop shot or a sideline drive, the paddle’s surface lets you put the ball right where you want.
  • Balance: With weight well-distributed and a long handle, the GBX Paddle has good balance. I found this key in controlling shots during fast rallies. The balance also helps wrist movement, making finesse shots better.
  • Adaptability: One thing that stood out to me was how the paddle adapts to different ways of playing. Whether you’re an aggressive player or like a more tactical game, the control it gives makes it a good choice.


Power sets the GBX Paddle apart. Many paddles try to balance control and power. The GBX Paddle, it goes further. More power, without losing what makes a paddle good. Here’s how:

  • Power1 Technology: It’s in the throat of the paddle, and it’s not just talk. Power1 Technology, it gives every shot more force. I played with it, found I could swing faster, hit harder. Took over the game.
  • Swing Weight: More swing weight, more power. The GBX Paddle’s got it right. The added force in play, you can feel it. And it’s not just wild power. It’s controlled, it’s aimed.
  • Material Construction: 8-Ply Construction, Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber, it makes the paddle strong. The energy from your swing, it goes into the ball, makes shots that explode. And you don’t have to work hard to do it.

Head Shape and Weight

The head’s long, and it weighs 8.5 oz. Might not sound special, but with the GBX Paddle, it matters. Adds to the power, keeps the finesse.


Spin, it’s something the GBX Paddle does well. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Hyper Spin Technology: The GBX’s surface, it’s made with Hyper Spin Technology and Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber. The texture grabs the ball, spins it like nothing else, makes shots more complex.
  • Balance and Weight Distribution: Spin’s not all about the surface. Balance, weight, they matter too. The GBX Paddle’s got them right, makes topspin, backspin, sidespin easy and strong.
  • User Feedback: People who’ve played with it, they talk about the spin. Me, I felt it too. Adds something new to the game, lets you play smart.
  • Versatility in Spin Control: Subtle spin or hard spin, the GBX Paddle does both. It lets you control spin in many ways, fits new players and old hands.

The Gearbox GBX Paddle excels in Control, Power, and Spin, offering a well-rounded performance that can enhance any player’s game. It’s not just about the advanced technologies but the thoughtful design that tailors to real-world playing conditions. Whether you prioritize precision, strength, or creativity in your game, the GBX seems to deliver on all fronts.

Comfort and Handling

Gearbox Gbx Paddle 10

Comfort, handling, they matter in a paddle. The Gearbox GBX Paddle, it’s got both. Here’s what makes it good:

  • Handle Design: 5.5” long, 4″ around, the GBX Paddle’s handle feels natural. I tried it, fits different hands, different ways of holding. Feels like it’s yours.
  • Weight Distribution: 8.5 oz on average, but it’s not just the weight, it’s where it is. No strain on the wrist or arm. Light to move, heavy enough to hit hard. It balances.
  • Grip Material: Gearbox Smooth Black Wrap grip, it doesn’t slip, doesn’t hurt. When I played with the GBX, it held but didn’t hold too tight. Made playing easy, made playing hard.
  • Ergonomics: The head’s long, 11″ in length. It’s made to fit the hand, made to turn easy. Adds to how it feels, how it plays.


When you’re looking at a top paddle like the GBX, you want to know it’ll last. The Gearbox GBX Paddle, it’s got a name for holding up, and here’s why:

Material Construction: 8-Ply Construction, Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber/Mid-Modulus Carbon Fiber, it’s built strong. Keeps its game, doesn’t wear down easy.

R3 Technology: Gearbox’s own R3 Technology, it’s like armor without the weight. Strong but ready to move. Compared to others like it, the GBX stays strong.

Surface Integrity: That laser-made texture, it stays with the ball, doesn’t wear off. Keeps the spin, game after game.

Resilience to Impact: Paddles get hit, it’s part of the game. The GBX takes it, doesn’t lose its shape.

Positive User Feedback: Folks talk good about the GBX, say it lasts. I see it too. It’s Gearbox saying they’ll make it right.

Customer Support: Good support after the sale, it’s like a promise. Gearbox stands by what they sell.

The Gearbox GBX Paddle, it’s made to feel good, to play good. It’s not just strong stuff; it’s smart work. It’s thinking about the game, how it’s played. What I’ve seen, what others say, it’s a paddle for those who want something that can do the job and keep doing it.

Value for Money

At a high price point, the GBX is a premium paddle. However, considering its versatility, quality, and innovative technologies, I believe it’s worth the investment. Its performance on the court justifies the price tag.

Professional Endorsements

Top Gearbox professional athletes like Michelle Esquivel, Wyatt Stone, and Barry Waddell have endorsed the GBX Paddle.

It’s not just about brand marketing; it’s about professionals believing in a product.

This speaks volumes about the GBX Paddle’s quality and performance.

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