Gearbox CP7 Review: Should You Get 7.8oz or 8.5oz

Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle


The Gearbox CP7, it's more than just a paddle for pickleball. It's a blend of technology that's new, looks that please the eye, and a price that won't empty your wallet. There might be a thing or two that people find wrong, especially when it comes to the sweet spot. But most folks, and me included, see it as something worth looking at if you're trying to get better at your game. Doesn't matter if you're playing singles or wrapped up in the double's game, where things move fast and keep you on your toes; the CP7 has a version that fits how you play.


  • Suitable for both singles and doubles play, with different weight options
  • Ergonomic handle and vibration control
  • High performance and quality at a relatively affordable price point


  • Some users have reported a small sweet spot
  • The 7.8 oz version might lack power for some aggressive players

Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle Overview

The Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle, it’s got that top-notch honeycomb build. Control, power, a touch of grace—it’s all there. Made with care, this paddle’s a sign of Gearbox’s love for the new and the best. And the price? Just $99.99. Luxury feel without the luxury bill.

Design and Aesthetics

Gearbox Cp7 5

Look at the long head and handle, all sleek and smooth. It’s not just looks; it’s carbon fiber mixed with glass, woven and straight. Modern design that’s good to look at and good to play with. Solid in the hand, fine in the details, that’s what this paddle’s about.

Performance and Playability

Ball Control

Ball control, that’s where the Gearbox CP7 really talks. If you want that fine touch, it’s for you. Carbon fiber face, it’s like shaking hands with the ball. Knows where you want it to go. Hyperbite Spin Technology? Lets you play with how much twist you want.

From what I’ve seen, the long paddle helps with hitting just right. The 7.8 oz one, it’s got a soft touch, helps you get better at control. Some folks might find the sweet spot tricky, but give it time. With the CP7, it’s like learning to dance. It’s there for those who care about hitting right.

Power and Drive

Now, power and drive, that’s another strong hand of the Gearbox CP7. The 8.5 oz one, it’s built to hit hard. Adds some spice to the game.

Carbon fiber and Polypropylene Honeycomb, it makes it feel crisp. Adds a snap to every hit. In singles, when you need to hit with some muscle, it’s there. It lets you play soft and hard, a balanced game that moves with you.

The 7.8 oz one, maybe not as strong, but it’s got its place, especially in doubles. Wants to be a bit gentle. The CP7, it gives you choices, lets you fit the power to what you want.


Maneuverability, that’s a critical part of any pickleball paddle. And the CP7, it delivers. The elongated head and handle, it gives more reach, especially on those hard third shots, while the light weight ensures quickness, reaction.

What caught my eye during the game was how the CP7 moved. Responsive, it let me switch between forehand and backhand like it was nothing. Stability, even in fast exchanges, with smooth movement and just right balance.

The handle, molded and reinforced where it’s needed, makes the maneuverability better, giving a grip that’s comfortable. The outcome? A paddle that’s nimble, agile, lets you respond to different shots with ease. Whether you’re at the net or back at the baseline.

The CP7’s maneuverability, it works with both the control and power parts, making a playing experience that’s round and adaptable. You’re an aggressive player, or like a game that’s more strategic, controlled? The CP7 helps you be quick, keeps your opponents guessing.

Material and Construction

Paddle Core

Gearbox Cp7 6

At the core of the Gearbox CP7 is a 7mm (cell) x 13mm (thickness) Polypropylene (PPE) Honeycomb, a key player in how the paddle performs. This structure gives the CP7 both toughness and flexibility, making it a fit for different ways of playing.

From my own time with it, I found that the honeycomb core added to a stronger, more consistent feel across the face of the paddle. It played a big part in boosting both power and control, and how the paddle responded was something to note. You like soft dinks or hard drives, the CP7’s core fits your game, making it a top pick for both new players and those who’ve been around the court.

Paddle Surface

The Gearbox CP7’s paddle surface, it’s a mix of unidirectional and woven carbon fiber and glass fiber. An ideal combo of firmness and touch. What caught my eye was the Hyper-Bite Spin Technology, gives more ball bite, key for adding spin to your shots.

The use of carbon fiber, it doesn’t just add to the paddle’s look but affects the game’s power and control significantly. The unique blend and direction of the fibers, it adds to the paddle’s quality, gives a feel that’s crisp, yet soft. During the game, this translates into a forgiving sweet spot, allows for more precision and power.

Paddle Edge Guard

Gearbox Cp7 2

A paddle’s durability, it often depends on the quality of its edge guard. And the CP7, it doesn’t disappoint. The protective barrier around the paddle’s edge, it minimizes potential damage from accidental court contact or clashes with other paddles.

I found that this design, it doesn’t interfere with play. It keeps the paddle’s balance and responsiveness. Its subtleness, it makes sure that even off-center hits are manageable without causing the usual distortions that some edge guards can introduce. The result? A paddle that can take the rigors of regular play without losing its performance attributes.

Paddle Handle

Gearbox Cp7 7

The CP7’s handle, it’s got a 4″ grip circumference and 5.5″ length. Comfortable and quick to respond, that’s what it offers. Molded and reinforced where it’s needed, like the throat and handle area, it makes the paddle last longer.

What I liked with the CP7 was the Gearbox Smooth Black Wrap Grip. Comfort, control, they were both there. Long rallies or shots that need precision, the handle felt right, made me play with confidence. It’s a handle that works for different hand sizes, different ways of gripping. Makes the paddle appeal to more people.

Control, power, moving how you want, lasting a long time, these are what the CP7 gives. If you’ve been playing for years, or if you’re just starting, the CP7’s design, how it’s made, it’s worth putting your money in.

Comfort and Grip

Gearbox Cp7 1

The Gearbox CP7, it’s made with comfort and grip in mind, for both the casual and competitive players. The features that add to its comfort and grip, they’re a mix of smart engineering and thinking about the user.

Handle Design

The handle of the CP7, it’s got a 4″ grip circumference and 5.5″ length, makes for a secure and comfortable fit for most hand sizes. The Gearbox Smooth Black Wrap grip, it feels good, doesn’t get slippery, even during intense play. From what I’ve seen, the molded handle adds to the paddle’s overall ergonomic design, lets you have a natural, relaxed grip.

Balance and Weight Distribution

What makes the CP7 stand out in terms of comfort is its balance and weight distribution. Whether you go for the 7.8 oz version for doubles or the 8.5 oz for singles, the paddle feels right in hand. This even distribution of weight, it enhances not just control and power but also adds a lot to overall comfort during long play.

Vibration Control

An aspect of comfort in pickleball paddles that’s often overlooked is vibration control. The CP7’s Polypropylene Honeycomb core and advanced carbon fiber face blend, they dampen vibrations on impact. Especially if you’re a player who suffers from issues like tennis elbow, this reduction in vibration means a more comfortable playing experience. I found this feature particularly beneficial during long sessions, as it reduced fatigue and strain on my arm.

Aesthetics and Feel

Comfort isn’t only about how the paddle feels in your hand but also how it looks and feels in terms of quality. The CP7’s sleek design and premium materials, they give a sense of confidence and satisfaction, which adds to the overall comfort of the player.


Whether you’re a player who likes finesse and control or power and aggression, the CP7 offers grip and comfort that adapts to your style. The two different weight options further let players choose the one that suits their game, whether it’s singles or doubles.

7.8 oz vs. 8.5oz

If you’re into doubles, the 7.8oz variant offers better control and finesse. For more aggressive singles play, the 8.5oz version hits harder, making it an ideal choice. My testing and evaluation of both versions affirm these distinctions.

Price and Value

The CP7, it’s $99.99. That’s value, real value, for what it gives you. It stands up to the big names, the expensive ones, makes sense for people who play for fun or play to win. Want something more from Gearbox? Check my Gearbox GBX review.

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