Diadem Warrior V2 Review: How Does it Compare to V1?

Diadem Warrior V2


Packed with cutting-edge pickleball technology is the impressive Diadem Warrior V2. A powerful asset which boasts precision control to benefit players of all levels. Possible concerns may be its price tag for some. Additionally minor design quirks or an initial getting-used-to phase should be taken into consideration. The Warrior V2 isn't flawless but it's near-perfection. If you're earnest about levelling up your game by means of a top-notch paddle that could genuinely boost your skills then this may be your ideal match. But be prepared to spend some time getting to know it, and make sure your wallet is ready for the investment.


  • Delivers strong shots without sacrificing control
  • Excellent Spin Control
  • Comfortable Grip


  • At $249, it might be considered overpriced by some players
  • Can take time to get used to
  • Gets scratched

The pickleball court is a battleground where precision, power, and control determine the victor. The weapon you wield can make a world of difference, and that’s where the Diadem Warrior V2 comes into play. As the successor to the popular Warrior V1, this paddle promises to elevate your game, but does it live up to the hype? I hope you find out everything you need in this Diadem Warrior V2 Review.

Design and Build Quality

Aesthetic and Structure

Diadem Warrior V2 11

The Warrior V2 is not just a pretty face. Its sleek design, featuring an etched raw carbon T700 face, is more than just appealing to the eye. This construction provides maximum durability, and the Liquid Carbon Fiber (LCF) in the edges ensures your paddle will last through countless games.

However, even with the edge protector, some users reported minor damage, and the color choices might not please everyone. While these are minor issues, they can’t be entirely overlooked.

Construction Technologies

Diadem Warrior V2 12

Diadem has certainly thrown a lot of technology into this paddle, including 3X L-Core, Core Molding System, and a 19mm thick core. It’s impressive on paper, but does it translate to real-world performance? We’ll explore that next.


Diadem Warrior V2 13

The Diadem Warrior V2 is engineered for those who crave both power and finesse in their game. The combination of the 3X L-Core technology and the 19MM thick core creates a unique synergy that allows the player to unleash forceful shots without losing the ability to execute delicate touches.

Power: If power is what you seek, the Warrior V2 does not disappoint. The layering of Polypropylene honeycomb around a core of Aramid honeycomb empowers you to make hard hits that can catch opponents off guard. Shots that seemed out of reach become tangible, and the ability to drive the ball with force becomes a consistent reality.

Control: While the power is exhilarating, what sets the Warrior V2 apart is how it balances that power with incredible control. The etched carbon fiber face adds a level of precision to dinks and gentle shots, allowing you to play strategically without feeling overpowered by the paddle’s force.

But it’s not all positive. The transition from the previous version or other paddles might lead to a period of adjustment. Missing easy shots initially might be frustrating, but patience and practice will unlock the true potential of this paddle. It’s a tool that demands mastery, and once you dial it in, it’s a game-changer.

Balance and Spin

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Balance: The Warrior V2’s balance is meticulously crafted to suit both novice and seasoned players. Weighing in at 8.25 oz., the paddle’s weight distribution is centered at 235 mm, providing a balanced feel that enhances the ability to generate spin without compromising stability. Whether you’re executing a complex spin shot or a simple return, the paddle’s equilibrium aids in maintaining accuracy.

Spin: The ability to create spin is one of the standout features of the Warrior V2. The etched carbon fiber face is not just for show; it plays a vital role in enhancing the spin production of the paddle. The texture grips the ball, allowing you to impart varying degrees of spin depending on your stroke. From subtle twists that add nuance to a shot to aggressive spins that can define a game, the Warrior V2 offers a versatile range of spin control.

However, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone finds the balance and spin perfect. Some players might prefer the feel of other models, or even the previous version. While many rave about the Warrior V2’s capabilities, individual preferences and playing styles may lead to varying experiences. It’s a paddle that many will adore, but it might not be the universal choice for everyone.

Ease of Use

Weight and Grip

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Weight: The Warrior V2 comes in at a weight of 8.25 oz., a subtle reduction from its predecessor, but one that has a notable impact on the playability. This weight hits a sweet spot that caters to many players’ preferences, providing enough heft to add power to your shots without making the paddle feel cumbersome. The slightly lighter construction allows for quicker reactions and the ability to play rapid-fire exchanges without fatigue setting in.

Grip: The grip of the Warrior V2 is one of its standout features, thanks to the Taper Tech molded handle and the slim 4 1/8th grip size. It nestles comfortably in the hand, providing a secure yet relaxed hold that can make a significant difference during prolonged matches. The grip doesn’t just feel smooth, but it also adds to the control and precision of your shots. This allows you to play with better confidence.

However, not all hands are the same, and while many find the grip size perfect, it may not suit everyone. It’s a grip that caters to a broad audience, but individual preferences might lead to different experiences.

Handling for Different Players

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Beginners: The Warrior V2 doesn’t discriminate against newcomers to the sport. In fact, some beginner players have found it to be the perfect tool to improve their game and serve. The balance and control offered by the paddle allow novices to grow into it, developing their skills with a paddle that can match their progress.

Intermediate Players: For those in the middle ground, who have some experience but are still honing their skills, the Warrior V2 offers an enticing upgrade. Its blend of power, precision, and spin can help intermediate players break through plateaus and reach new heights in their game.

Advanced Players: Seasoned players will find plenty to love in the Warrior V2. From the excellent spin control to the well-calibrated balance, it’s a paddle that can cater to the demanding needs of advanced play. However, it’s not a paddle that you can pick up and instantly master. Even experienced players might face an adjustment period, especially if transitioning from the previous version or other paddles.

Upgrade from Diadem Warrior V1

New Features

The Warrior V2 introduces several new features, including a thicker core and Liquid Carbon Fiber edgeless design. These improvements lead to a more durable and powerful paddle.

Performance Comparison

Comparing the V2 with its predecessor, it’s evident that the newer model offers more spin and better touch. However, the initial adjustment period can be a bit frustrating. Once you get the hang of it, the V2 undoubtedly becomes a favorite, even if the price tag is a concern.

Price and Value

Considering a higher price point than expected ($249), the Warrior V2’s worthiness remains questionable. A topnotch paddle deserves a comparable cost. There appears to exist divergent perspectives regarding whether the pricing is fair in light of what the item provides regarding performance capabilities and other technological advancements relative to its market valuation. How much you want to spend and your unique tastes will decide the path forward regarding maximizing your gaming satisfaction.

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